Tamerathon's Descent Into Avernus

Another Day in the City of Blood

A quick trip to the Elfsong

Adventure Start
The Band found themselves summoned to meet Captain Zodge, highest ranking member currently present in the Flaming Fist. Zodge presents the group with a simple choice; eliminate the cult of the Dead 3 or be jailed for their crimes. The group finds themselves deputized and with wide authority to do what is needed to clear the cult infestation.
The group is directed to find Tarina at the Elfsong Tavern. The group finds Tarina, a green eyed, black haired rogue. She agrees to provide them information in exchange for help escaping a group of her former associates. As the group starts to leave, the Elfsong plays, albiet with different lyrics.
Running out the door the group notices the Pirate Captain Dead-Eye and his gang approaches. Not wanting to deal with the fight in the street, the group runs and a foot chase ensues. Buying times with a set of ball bearings, the group makes it to a Flaming Fist where they elect to stand their ground. Aided by 3 veteran members of the Fist, they make short work of Dead-Eye and his minions.
Grateful to be alive, Tarina provides the following information: The cult is operating out of a bath house owned by the Vanthampur family, and a secret door inside leads to the dungeon of the Dead Three.


Tamerathon Tamerathon

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